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Alberta Sport

Do you have a kid looking to take up their favourite sport in Alberta? The province is filled with opportunities ranging from dancing to fishing and motorcycling. Here is a detailed analysis of Alberta sport with information on events and activities!

Alberta Sport

Alberta Dual Sport

A dual-sport motorbike is a versatile vehicle suitable for using on and off-road. These bikes are lightweight but durable, which means you can tackle rocks, sand, and other off-road tracks with it. They are legal to ride on the streets.

Alberta Dual Sport / Motorcycle Racing / Bike Crosses

West Edmonton Alberta Dual Sport Riding might be the most famous route in the region for motorbike lovers. It is almost 80 kilometres long, and it takes around three hours to complete it.

Alberta Dual Sport Events and Festivals

Motorbike fans can enjoy the Motorcycle Shows organized in Calgary and Edmonton. These events and activities include:

  • Ground N’ Gravity Show – get the adrenaline going by watching riders perform stunts and tackle the course.
  • She Rides Night – Fridays allow ladies to learn how to ride and get familiar with the world of motorcycles.
  • Flat Track Demos – riders participate in race demos, and visitors can also sign-up to try the track themselves.
  • Yamaha Riding Academy – the academy is open to riders between ages 6 and 12. They have the opportunity of wearing full motorcycle equipment and learning how to ride. Although a session lasts only 15 minutes, a memorable experience is guaranteed.

Riders often agree on riding together throughout the province. You can use social media to keep track of the latest events and take the most of what Alberta dual-sport world can offer.

Alberta Sport – Winter and Summer Competitions

Alberta Sport organizes multiple competitions to inspire athletes to achieve top fitness levels and promote a healthy lifestyle. Those who want to compete with other ambitious athletes in the province can participate in Summer, Winter, and Masters Games.

The competitions offer a wide variety of tournaments in different disciplines. During the 2020 Winter Games in Airdrie, participants could try their luck in 17 sports, such as cross country skiing, curling, artistic swimming and gymnastics, speed and figure skating, etc.

Alberta Sport – Winter and Summer Competitions

A large number of participants competed in baseball, athletics, basketball, canoe and kayak, soccer, rugby, triathlon, and other events.

The last summer games under the helm of Alberta Sport were held in 2018 in Grande Prairie.

Masters and 55 Plus Games

The first Masters’ Games were held in the Rocky Mountain House Clearwater County in 2019. The event was a massive success, and it will probably become a regular competition in the Alberta sport world. Masters Games only included 14 disciplines, ranging from soccer and basketball to darts and golf.

It is interesting to note that 55 Plus Summer and Winter Games took place in 2015, but we are still waiting on the date for a new event. The idea was to inspire Alberta sport veterans to lead a healthy lifestyle and have fun while participating in tournaments. The disciplines covered included tennis and athletics, but also contract bridge, golf, and pickleball.

Alberta Sport Grants

Alberta Sport Grants

If you want to pursue a career in Alberta sport, multiple grants are at your disposal. Local municipalities offer funding chances for high-performance athletes, but also officials and coaches. Cities and institutions aiming to become event hosts can also expect Alberta sport grants if they fulfill the requirements.

The Government of Alberta offers financial help for dance sport and other facilities used by the community. Interested parties can consider Alberta sport grants provided by the CIP (Community Initiatives Program). These grants have a limit of $75K per year for a single project.
Here is a list of other similar programs:

  • Above and Beyond – designed to support the development and education of officials and coaches.
  • Event Support – if an association or organization hosts a kid sport or another event in Alberta, this grant could be helpful.
  • Canadian Tire Jumpstart – children in need can use this program to access organized recreation and sport throughout the province.
  • KidSport – if an under-18 team has problems with equipment and competition fees, they can turn to this organization.

WISE Fund Grant

The entire program is focused on gender equity and promoting female sports events throughout the province. That includes both adult and kid sport in Alberta. The Canadian Women and Sport organization initiated the WISE fund. The current program for 2020 involves 30 organizations that will receive $2,500 to promote gender equity in sports.

WISE Fund Grant

Children’s Sports

Children love sports, and they are an excellent way for kids to accept a healthy lifestyle and develop properly. Kids are playing games in schools and participating in athletic, swimming, and other competitions.

The crucial organization for promoting kid sport in Alberta is KidSport. The organization was founded in 1993, but it has gone a long way since then. It expanded to 11 provincial branches. According to the information on the official website, they helped 79 communities in the province over the last 12 months.

Kid sport in Alberta offers children numerous opportunities to try themselves in competitions and events. From Big Game Parties to Dodge-Ball tournaments, these are an excellent chance for children to meet new friends and feel a competitive but friendly spirit.

Alberta Sport Fishing

Alberta considered sport fishing legal, but depending on your age and status, a license might be required.

Residents aged over 65 or younger than 16 don’t need a license. However, it is still mandatory to follow the regulations of relevant authorities. The prices of licenses vary, and you can find them in the following table:

Non-province Canadians
Non-residents from outside of Canada
Annual license
Under 16 years – annual license
None required
None required
None required
Over 65 – annual license
None required
1-day license
7-day license

What Are Game Fish in Alberta?

According to experts, a total of 63 fish species are available throughout this province. However, only 17 of them are “game fish.” Those include eight types of trout, such as Bull, Brook, Cutthroat, Lake, Tiger, Rainbow, Brown, and Golden Trout. Other species considered to belong into the “game” category include Yellow Perch, Sauger, Walleye, Pike, Whitefish, Sturgeon, Whitefish, Goldeye, Burbot, and Arctic Grayling.

What Are Game Fish in Alberta?

Tips for Releasing Fish

Catching fish is fun, but once that is done, it is crucial to release fish back into the water. It is essential to handle fish with care to boost their chances of surviving.

Here are quick tips from Alberta sportfishing experts. They could help when returning fish into the water:

  • Let fish back into the water right away, and be careful during the process.
  • Handle fish with care and avoid squeezing it too hard.
  • Fingers should remain out of the gills at all times.
  • Don’t pull the fish out of the water at all, but keep it submerged.
  • Be careful when removing the hook or fish could be hurt.

Alberta Dance Sport

Alberta Dance Sport

Dancing is a beautiful hobby that many consider being a sport for a reason. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and keeps you fit. Dancing has a competitive dose in tournaments, and the national dance sports authorities regulate many events.

March is usually the time when Alberta Winter Classic dance sport event is held. The event is a qualifier for the Canada Closed Championships, where dancers can meet other competitors from throughout the country.

Salsa and ballroom fans shouldn’t miss Edmonton Ballroom & Salsa Gala, an annual event that was last held in November 2019. Calgary International Salsa Congress 2020 was postponed due to pandemics, but the organizers didn’t give up on organizing the event.

Edmonton Ballroom & Salsa Gala

Are you interested in taking up dancing? Here is a table of the Alberta dance sport institutions offering classes to beginners and recreational dancers:

Alberta DanceSport
404 Meredith Road NE, Calgary
Ballroom and Country Dance Studio
121c, 17th Avenue NE, Calgary

Whether you want your first wedding dance to be perfect, or a child wants to try dancing, don’t hesitate to contact these institutions.



Hockey is a national sport in Canada, and its popularity is evident in Alberta. Everyone is dedicated to ensuring that children who want to take up hockey have all the requirements for optimal development.

The long-term evolution of potential hockey players is crucial. That is why Canada designed the U11 pathway, which offers principles and guidelines to follow when working with kids. The key principle is equal ice time and fair play. That means all children that are part of the team need to participate. Ability and skill can’t affect the time spent on the ice.

Players should also try each position from LW to RD. The experts believe that is the right path to finding the best position for every player. The rule doesn’t apply for those aiming to become goalies. Athlete skill camps and accredited schools are available for hockey enthusiasts.

Hockey has the leading province organization that supports players, but also officials and coaches. Coaches have the chance to use resources and improving their skills through various courses.

Respect in Alberta Sport

Officials, coaches, and parents are all demanded to finish a program called Respect in Sport. The idea of the program is to protect minors and ensure a fun and secure environment for playing. The authorities aim to prevent issues related to harassment, abuse, online bullying, etc.

Obtaining a certificate for completing this program will last for four seasons.

The popularity of Home Playgrounds and Courts

The popularity of Home Playgrounds and Courts

It is always lovely to see that people love playing their favourite sport, and that is the case in Alberta. Throughout the province, it is possible to see home and neighbourhood playgrounds and courts. Those who have enough space in their backyard often add a basketball court with one or two baskets. Tennis, pickleball, street hockey, and shuffleboard courts are also frequent in this province.

The courts provide the opportunity to participate in team activities. It is an excellent method of building teamwork, especially among children. Apart from playing, it is also possible to use these courts for exercise and testing abilities. Those dedicated to appearance can work out outdoor and get ready for competitions.

International Sport Exchange

International Sport Exchange fosters sport development, friendship and potential economic development between Alberta and selected areas in Asia.

Alberta has established strong relationships with Hokkaido, Japan, and Gangwon, Korea. This was made possible thanks to sports exchanges with our sister provinces.

International Sport Exchanges are a two-year commitment: one year of the exchange involves Alberta athletes, coaches and officials representing a specific sport visiting the sister province; the other year involves the sister province’s athletes, coaches and officials visiting Alberta.

At the end of the two years, a new agreement is negotiated with the sister province involving a different sport.

The International Sport Exchange is a partnership project between Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation, Provincial Sport Associations and International and Intergovernmental Relations.

Current Exchanges

  • Gangwon, Korea – Tennis
  • Hokkaido, Japan – Speed Skating

Exchange History

Alberta signs the Protocol of Friendship with the Province of Gangwon and Republic of Korea.
Prefecture of Hokkaido becomes Alberta’s second sister province with the signing of the Proclamation of Friendship and Affiliation.
Heilongjiang, China becomes Alberta’s third sister province with the signing of the Protocol of Understanding and Friendship.
Alberta signs Memorandum of Understanding with the Russian Republic.


International Sport Exchange brings many benefits to Alberta and our athletes, coaches and officials. The exchange:

  • Fosters a deep commitment to the ideals of peace, fraternity and mutual respect
  • Contributes to international goodwill and understanding
  • Promotes Alberta and creates economic ties
  • Contributes to the overall development of young Albertans through exposure to diverse and vibrant cultures
  • Contributes to sport development through exposure to international competition and coaching
  • Improves the potential of Alberta athletes through exposure to competitions within foreign countries
  • Improves the quality of coaching and officiating through exposure to different training methods and ideas
  • Expands the knowledge base related to sport development systems and sport medicine
  • Encourages Alberta sport associations to develop an international sport network

For more information, contact: 

Pat Lechelt
Interprovincial & International Sport
Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation
📍 #903 Standard Life Centre,
10405 Jasper Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4R7
📞 Phone: 780-422-8309
📠 Fax: 780-427-5140
[email protected]  


Alberta offers great opportunities for taking up your favourite sport. From children signing up for hockey to veterans beginning to fish, it will be easy to find the desired activity. Summer and winter competitions are a regular occurrence on local and provincial levels. Adult and kid sport in Alberta are widespread and welcomes everyone to join!